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Meditations for Pulmonary Patients


Guest Meditations

    Lauren Speeth DBA DMin
    Carol Anderson

Recordings for this site were
funded in part by the
Trust for the Meditation Process.
Our thanks go out to them for their
generous support.

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Brother Camillus and Brother Poulos


Music for Contempletive Moments
Breathe well.

Josh Workman guitar - loop
Chinese Tea
    John Watkins -Composition, performance, and engineering
    Hiroshi Iguchi - Guitar
    Lauren Speeth - Flute

many thanks to The Elfenworks Foundation for bringing this beauty into our lives and spirits


Welcome to the Saint Mary’s College of California
Office of Mission and Ministry Meditation website.

This is God’s project to help other people meditate and learn to use meditation for prayer, and to develop themselves. We envision it going to all our schools, and for the faculty staff and students, and that they also may learn to share this with their family and friends. And so the Schools of the Brothers may begin to spread this beautiful practice throughout the world, because Saint LaSalle said the most important religious exercise of the Brothers is to meditate daily. Audio Version - mp3

uncoming events

Saturday meditation workshops

Meditation Workshops will deal with the Tarot archetypes for personal development using the Jungian technique of Active Imagination for Individuation except for the Lenten and De La Salle Week workshops, March 5 and April 16. 
Each workshop begins with a meditation to clear the Chakras.

February 20 - The Hermit (the archetype of he spirit, hidden wisdom)
                      The Wheel of Fortune (the need to solve the ups & downs of life)

March 5 - Lenten meditation on the Passion of Jesus

April 9 - Force (Fortitude) (Developing Inner Powers by connecting to the anima).
               The Hanged Man (He must find out what supports him deep inside,
                when nothing outside supports him).

April 16 - The Lasallian Core Principle:  Praying the Presence of God

Saturday workshops are held from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM in Delphine Lounge on the Saint Mary's Campus.

Suggested donation for each workship is $25.00, although sliding scale applies depending on your circumstances. Please make checks out to the Chicana/Latina Foundation.

Two weeks before the stated date for the workshop, Check back on this website to see if date and place have been changed.  Also, please email me at to indicate you are coming.  Thank you.

    Classroom and Workshop participant comments

most important exercise of the day
"Even just a five-minute meditation can recall us to the fact that we are in the presence of a God who loves us with an overwhelming love. This is the Christian and specifically Lasallian heritage - in the Rule of the Brothers the most important exercise of the day is interior prayer..."

workshop cds are available
"CD's containing guided meditations to help you build your personal meditation practice are available at the workshops.

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